Andrew Siew Kar Heng


I’m Andrew Siew Kar Heng 14070221 student in BBM, one of the members in Cincailahhh. I’ve been involved in fitness and sports for almost 5 years and throughout the years I’m a brought down knowledge of my coaches who are well known internationally. From any sort of weight lifting or martial arts, I too personally attended Neuro-Linguistic Programming courses and I’ll share the philosophies that I’ve learned from there.

My section of Cincailahhh is to help to educate at my very best and provide more in-depth knowledge about fitness or motivation etc. In my segment, you’ll find helpful tips and information with regards to nutrition, fat loss, training methods, supplementation and even philosophies. I really hope this will help you, the readers to attain your goals faster. One of the attachment above is my academic curriculum vitae (for assignment purposes only)


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