Misconceptions of the Male Body

For this post I will be talking on the male body, the best thing about this is that guys make the EXACT same mistake that the girls make on their body types as well. Only difference is that we actually make more misconceptions because of the things we read, hear and talk about this topic. Read on…
Similarly with our female counterpart, we too have different categories that we can put ourselves into (albeit a little more comical than theirs) realistically. For example, I started of being in the “thin” category and I am gunning for the “athletic” body if we use the pic above (right now I think i am in the “obese” category), not serious. To do so, I need to understand EXACTLY the do’s and don’t before even attempting to workout.
One of the most common misconception, supplements/vitamins/gym stuff are not magic formulas to get your desired body shape.
A lot of people think that by taking these supplements they are guaranteed to work wonders to your body and get you where you want. And please never get caught up with the marketing gimmicks or stuffs.


[here’s a link to tell you why]

I do not deny the fact that I take supplements and is essential to my workout BUT I only take these to “supplement” both my workouts and my diet. As I said above, there is somehow no “easy way out” in getting the body you want and the only way to do it is to work hard and determination through your workouts and diet.
By taking these supplement and not doing the work at par to your intake is just going to turn them into really expensive No.1s and 2s….
another misconception, is people fail to realize that your body is built 70% in the kitchen and 30% in the gym. (this is somehow true).
I have seen so many cases that a lot of people in the gym would work out as much as possible and end the day by gorging the most greasiest and fatty foods you have ever seen, thinking its okay because they did their time in the gym.
Rule of thumb for most guys is always the same. Your output would only depend from your input
As I mentioned above, your target is to reduce the percentage of fat that makes up your body and the only way to do so is to burn faster than what you eat. At anytime that you don’t do so, you will still pack is up.
Take this diagram for example
body-fat-percentage-men[Sadly, i represent at 40% level of bodyfat. Not serious]
Each of these body types represent THE SAME weight but different body fat percentage and you can see the difference that you would make in your body make. As I mentioned earlier, it depends on the things you eat that makes the difference to whether the amount of workout is worth your time and effort. Not the other way around…
As you can see, one must really know what exactly do they want as their end goal for themselves and at the same time get their targets right, rather than just basing it on a picture of someone else as target. For me, I am a hard supporter of keeping people fit and healthy instead of crazy diets that would starve and harm you in some way.
Always remember one rule.
If you want it you have to work for it. If someone tells you of an easier way to do get your target body, that person is lying to their teeth.
Workout hard and workout smart guys!

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